AES Rate Increase

AES Indiana, formerly known as IPL, is asking the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) for permission to raise electricity rates to cover operational costs due to “inflationary impacts.”


In dollars and cents, our electric bills will be about $17 – $23 higher starting next summer if the increase is approved.


WINC spoke against the rate hike at the August 24 IURC field hearing, arguing that because of those same inflationary impacts, some of us are already choosing between food and electricity.



What Can You Do?


If you’d like to tell the IURC what you think about the rate increase and how it would impact your family, you can attend the other field hearing Monday, October 3 at 6pm at New Augusta Public Academy North (6450 Rodebaugh Rd) if you would like to make a public comment.


If you can’t make the hearing, but would still like to comment, you can submit written comments to the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, who will argue the case on behalf of ratepayers. You can contact OUCC by email at or online via the OUCC contact form. Make sure you include Cause Number 45911 in your comments.


Deadline for written public comment is October 6. We can expect a decision in Spring 2024.