Get Ready for City General Elections!

*** Election Day: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 ***

Visit indianavoters.gov to make sure you’re registered to vote, see who’s on your ballot, find a polling place, learn about early voting, and more!

Offices on the ballot: City Councilor and Mayor

Our City Councilor is our representative at city level, and is responsible for:


  • making laws
  • approving the annual City-County budget
  • levying taxes
  • distributing funds for City-County operations
  • recognizing individuals and groups for their contributions to their communities
  • serving on boards and commissions


Councilors serve a four-year term.

District Changes – Right now, West Indy is in District 16. But in 2022, City Council district maps were redrawn, and new district boundaries take effect in 2024. West Indy will be split down Belmont so that our neighborhood will have two City Councilors representing us in 2024. West Indy City Council Districts will be District 17 (west of Belmont) and District 18 (east of Belmont). Make sure you know who is on your ballot. Visit indianavoters.gov and click “Who’s on My Ballot” to search by your address.

Who is running for City Council in West Indy?

Click on a candidate’s name to go to their campaign website:

District 17 (west of Belmont) 

Jared Evans (D)

Lisa Schmitz (R)


District 18 (east of Belmont)

Kristin Jones (D)

Our mayor is our city and county chief executive, and oversees city-county government’s various departments, agencies, and municipal corporations. The mayor is responsible for:


  • proposing a budget
  • signing legislation into law (can approve or veto bills passed by City Council)
  • appointing departmental directors
  • overseeing the city’s day-to-day operations.
  • representing the city on the state, national, and international levels


Mayors serve a four-year term.

Who is running for Mayor?

Click on a candidate’s name to go to their campaign website:

Joe Hogsett (incumbent – D)

Jefferson Shreve (R)

2022 Election Results

Congratulations to all of our newly elected/re-elected winners! We look forward to working with you in West Indy!


This year, lines were redrawn and Indiana gained a new State Senate District. SD-46 includes a lot of West Indy. Congratulations to our first SD-46 State Senator Andrea Hunley!

SD-46 Boundaries